What About Bob?

I'm on a mission to inspire and uplift humanity - one positive thought and one inspired action at a time.

I run one of the most popular YouTube channels for affirmations and positive self-talk, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and 1 million monthly views. Nearly 10,000 people tune in daily to listen to my voice for a boost of positivity and encouragement.

Before the YouTube affirmations era (which started in 2017), I had a different online identity that inspired creative people, dating back to the '90s.

I've created dozens of books, courses, and workshops on guerrilla music marketing, attracting fans, magnetic branding, social media, sales, YouTube, book publishing and promotion, copywriting, and more.

I've been self-employed in the arts for much of my life. For many years, my mission was to help musicians, authors, and creative entrepreneurs use their talents and know-how to make a living and make a difference in the world.

I've written and published 16 books, the latest of which is "The Power of Affirmations and Positive Self-Talk."

I'm also an improv comedy instructor. I co-wrote "The Improv Comedy Musician" with Laura Hall, the longtime pianist and musical director of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

Fun Facts:

  • You'll also find my affirmations in the Hay House EmpowerYou app, Insight Timer, and my "Affirmation Meditation Podcast."
  • My "Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook" appeared in the movie "School of Rock" starring Jack Black and Sarah Silverman.

  • I've written several albums worth of original songs, many of them with my wife, Pooki Lee.
  • Rev Michael Beckwith (The Secret, Oprah, Ellen) officiated our wedding.
  • I do a pretty mean Elvis Presley impersonation :)

Media appearances:

  • NPR's "Morning Editon" and "Marketplace"
  • The Guardian in the U.K.
  • Publishers Weekly
  • Entrepreneur
  • Electronic Musician

My books for musicians:

  • Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook
  • The 9 Irrefutable Laws of Music Marketing
  • The Five-Minute Music Marketer

Books for authors and experts:

  • The Guerrilla Guide to Book Marketing
  • Branding Yourself Online
  • 55 Ways to Promote & Sell Your Book on the Internet

Books for creatives in general:

  • The Empowered Artist
  • The Passion Principles
  • Unleash the Artist Within
  • The DIY Career Manifesto